Wednesday, June 8, 2011

If I Were In Charge

If I Were In Charge!

Things would be a lot different.

I would:

1. Bring all our troops home from the mid-east. Let them fight it out among themselves and we will deal with whomever survives.

2. Put our troops on our borders and get control of our own country again.

3. Stop all Foreign Aid, especially to those countries, like China, who seem to have enough money to be buying up our debt, and those who use our dollars to support terrorism and buy weapons.

This especially goes for the ‘Palestinian’ thugs led by terrorists who wish to kill every Jew and destroy our strongest ally in the Mideast.

I would put the entire Muslim world on notice that to attack Israel will be taken as an attack on the USA and we will immediately, without notice, bomb the attackers out of existence.

4. Rename those billions as Domestic Aid and use it to restore our destroyed educational system.

5. Require the many ‘bail-out’ banks to return every dime they have not invested in bailing out home-owners.

6. Stop the yelling about the top earners paying more of their fair share when 48% pay no Federal income taxes. Go to a flat ten percent tax for everyone. That will end all the hundreds of tax loopholes. We can lay off hundreds of thousands of IRS employees, close hundreds of IRS Centers.

7. Set a flat rate tax for every business as well. Too many large corporations are getting away with paying nothing while others are buried with tax debt.

8. Cancel the Death [inheritance] tax and Capital Gains tax. Let the money keep working in the marketplace where it belongs

9. Prohibit government avoidance of tax limits by increasing old and establishing new ‘fees’.

10. Freeze personal property tax for every home owner at the e level of tax when the homeowner turns 65. Too many elderly people are being forced out of their homes by over- taxation. It is cruel and unjust.

11. Put an end to the system of giant container ships coming here from China fully loaded with goods and returning with a ship full of empty containers. Either return with an established minimum [ie: 25%] of full containers or pay a steep per-empty -container fee.

12. Limit the term of office for the senate to 2 terms [12 years] and the House to three terms [6 years] and place them on the same retirement program [social security] and health care as their constituents. If they complete full service, retirement of 50% and shared health costs.. incrementally less retirement benefits if less time served. No more political dynasties.

Today, a congressman can serve one term, get yanked from office and still receive full pay and health care for life. Great deal for them. Terrible deal for America.

13. Cancel every Obama Care exemption given to the Unions and certain industrial groups. Make Government Health Care an option among those already in the marketplace.

14. Immediately remove any Congressman or Senator [like twitter boy Weiner] who has disgraced his/her office and they would not be eligible for any continued benefits. When they stand behind a podium and whimper that they take full responsibility, let that be part of it.

15. Require that no unrelated rider can be added to any Bill in process. This should end the practice of pork politics. Further, Line item veto must be implemented.

16. Put an immediate end to the practice of by-passing Congress by setting up Czars who report only to the President and who have taken power to control American businesses and public policies. Send them all packing.

17. Put an end to the huge expense of flying Congressional, Senate and Administration leaders around the world on our dime. One recent trip, the President used up 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to plant one little tree. Great photo op, but at a ridiculous cost.

18. Immediately open up oil drilling within our national boundaries, where some of the world’s most productive oil fields sit and get out from under the grip of the countries sucking billions of American dollars from us, most of whom receive American Foreign aid as a bonus.

19. Legalize personal use marijuana. Set standard for home growing for personal use. Regulate and tax though approved clinics/stores as we do booze. Take away the street business from the gangs/ criminals.

There are a thousand fold more deaths/car accidents from legal alcohol than marijuana. Set a standard for “under the influence” limits as we do for Alcohol. Release all personal use marijuana convicts from jail and make room for the real criminals.

20. Ship every illegal alien convicted of a crime back to the country of origin. If they will not take them back, close off all entry to USA for any of their citizens, send their Ambassadors home until they begin to take responsibility for their criminals.

21. Establish a working and valid guest worker program that will bring workers here but regulate them, tax their incomes and send them home at the end of work programs, letting them return every work program season.

22. Make English the legal language of America. Require all documents to be in English. For example, Auto Drivers’ license tests should be in English only. I don’t care if the guy can drive, but it concerns me that he can’t read the most basic road signs.

In the Schools systems in the Southwest, we are maintaining two schools systems and graduating kids who still can’t speak basic English. We are laying off teachers because we are going broke but still have to do dual programs.

What other country is doing that? Certainly not Mexico. If you want you kids to go to an English speaking school there, you have to go to a private school. It is the same throughout Europe. But, here, we pay for it in the public system. No child left behind.

What is being left behind is my right to live a decent life of hard work and earn the security I need for my old age. Those things are being taken away from me at every turn, at every session of congress and at every level of government control. Their solution to overspending and poor management is always to get the money from the ones who still  have a little left. Us.