Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Rule of Law is Dead in America

It is a tragedy when a State is legally attacked by the Federal government when it tries to deal with Federal laws the Feds refuse to enforce. It is also an attack on the foundation of our legal system, the Rule of Law.

I found the best definition of Rule of Law at Let me share that insight:

Around 350 BCE. Plato wrote:

Where the law is subject to some other authority and has none of its own, the collapse of the state, in my view, is not far off; but if law is the master of the government and the government is its slave, then the situation is full of promise and men enjoy all the blessings that the gods shower on a state.

Likewise, Aristotle endorsed the rule of law, writing that "law should govern", and those in power should be "servants of the laws." The ancient concept of rule of law is to be distinguished from rule by law, according to political science professor Li Shuguang:

"The that under the rule of law the law is preeminent and can serve as a check against the abuse of power. Under rule by law, the law can serve as a mere tool for a government that suppresses in a legalistic fashion."

Now, let me simply state why the Rule of Law is dead in America.

When the Federal Government sued the State of Arizona to stop them from enacting a law, citing Federal immigration laws, that made it illegal [forbidden by law or statute] to be an illegal alien in that state, and filed that lawsuit in a federally funded and controlled court, in front of a federally appointed judge, the rule of law died.

The Pandora’s box of Government suppression by legal manipulation has spilled forth and now opens up an era of rampant abuse of power by the power brokers of this and any like minded administration.

The State of Arizona and every state that borders Mexico will live with this as will the legal, taxpaying citizens of America as the borders continue to overflow and the health, education, welfare and penal systems of this country go even deeper into bankruptcy.

I guess I should apologize for my racial profiling of people illegally entering the country from Mexico, but I see few Chinese or Canadians illegally crossing into Arizona from the south.

And yes, before I get a hundred angry emails, we do need worker Visas and a better, working immigration policy, but the folks in Washington won’t do the job. What on earth are the States that are being over-run to do?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 2010 Update Report Saints Alive/Glenn Beck Update

Update Report July 2010

Dear Friends,

It has been a while since my last Update but I have been quite busy in both my ministry and personal life. We recently sold our home and moved to a much smaller Condo. Just unloading years of accumulated ‘things’ took forever. Then came the packing up of everything that was left.

We are actually renting right now while we find the Condo we want to spend the next hundred years in. Then another move. Thank goodness most of it is in boxes in the garage. Just moving all my ministry files was a major undertaking.

We are still dealing with some issues with our new website. Still working on getting pdf files and WORD files moved to it more easily and our video files keep disappearing, but we will get there. Email me personally if you are having any difficulty with the site.

Also, we had agreed to use Google Ads to bring in some desperately needed revenue, using the tags from the site as triggers for the ads. However, even daily policing and zapping of the ‘offensive’ ads did not prevent LDS and Masonic ads from appearing. I finally threw in the towel and we no longer run Google ads.

I pray that you will pray about sending in a special, much needed gift today, to help us out. You can give online on our website or through PayPal or you can mail a gift in to

us. See the end of the Update for that information.

Please pray for my pastor friend, Chris, who has a cancerous brain tumor. also for Jaime, who has had both feet amputated, is on dialysis and diabetic.. He needs a miracle right now.

Well, I have a few other  things to share with you today. Please read on

Your brother in Christ,

Ed Decker

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I just posted this on twitter a few minutes ago: Unbelievable! This is the story of the Utah State Supreme Court kicking sexual deviant/pervert, Mormon fundamentalist, Warren Jeffs loose.

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What is the problem with Glenn Beck??

I have almost [not quite] reached the point of pulling out what remaining hair I have left over this issue. Glenn Beck made what would seem to be a solid Christian confession of faith/ salvation on his TV program and many emails came my way praising his stand for Christ.

Apparently, his confession was openly received by some key Christian leaders, like Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and more recently by James Robison who, while on Beck’s program, stated that while they had a few minor ‘issues’, they were on the same team.

I wanted to shout, “What team are you on, James?”

However wonderful were the words that Glenn Beck spoke, there is a major problem. If Beck were truly “saved” he would have to renounce the false doctrines of demons that rule the LDS church and its people.

One of the problems we face in understanding what Glenn said and what his words meant is that in Mormonspeak the words mean entirely different things to the Mormon and the biblical Christian. Let me list just 3 here for you.

To the Mormon, God is an exalted man from another planet who is now the god of this world only and has a god above him who has a god above him who has…but understand that to the Christian, God is the creator of all, the heavens and the universes. He said there were no gods before Him, beside Him or after Him. I think He should know.

Same word, totally different meanings.

To the Christian, Jesus is the Word made Flesh, the savior from before time began, conceived by the Holy Ghost.

To the Mormon, Jesus was born as a spirit being on a planet near the great star, Kolob, in an act of sex between their god and one of his many, polygamous goddesses. He was selected at a council of gods to be the ‘savior’ of this world. He was chosen over his brother, Lucifer. The LDS god came down and had sex with his spirit daughter, Mary and begat him in the flesh.

Same word, totally different meanings.

To the Christian, Salvation is a result of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross on Calvary, where He paid the penalty for our sins ‘once and for all.’ All we must do to receive it and eternal life is to accept it.

To the Mormon, Salvation is two-fold, the first is only the General salvation, and it is the gift of physical resurrection for ALL mankind, given through Christ’s death at Calvary.

The second is Personal salvation that comes in part, through Christ’s suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, were LDS prophets say he sweat great drops of blood for our

Sins, conditional on our obedience to all the laws and ordinances of the [LDS] gospel.

Same word, totally different meanings.

Beck’s Church claims that they have the only authority to act in the name of God on earth, all other churches are abominations in God’s eyes, all those who profess the doctrines of orthodox Christianity are corrupt, all their pastors are hirelings of Satan.

I learned that personally, as a Mormon, in the most scared place of all Mormondom, the LDS Temple ritual. Is this the same team you are on, James Robison?

Glenn Beck can tear up and rub his eyes all he wants, but if he is really ‘saved’ he needs to drop the double-talk and leave the LDS church. If he won’t declare himself, he is a cultist, playing mind-games that foolish people take for truth. At least take off the magic Mormon underwear, Beck!

I personally think it is all a plan to Christianize Mormonism for the masses so that Mitt Romney will have a shot at getting the evangelical vote he lost last election. Fools like James Robison and Richard Land are playing the devil’s fiddle.

Well, I guess I can cool down a bit. This was an email conversation I had a few weeks ago after I did a Facebook post on the subject: Glenn Beck: Christian or not?

I received this email: The writer copied me on a response he sent to a friend regarding the Beck is Christian program.

You asked what I thought about Glenn Beck's July 13, 2010 Gospel presentation on his Fox News program. Below is a paragraph I lifted from Beck's presentation. Beck is correct. I do not consider Mormon's to be a Christian denomination. The Mormon Church has been trying to be recognized as a Christian denomination for years and Glenn Beck is exactly what the Mormon Church has been looking for to validate their claim. The Jesus of the Mormon Church is not the same Jesus that you and I worship. Only after Beck announces that he is leaving the Mormon Church will I believe he is a Christian in a Biblical sense. The Devil comes in many disguise. I have a copy of the Book of Mormon if you would like to read it.


"Now, I know people will say, Oh, Glenn Beck is a Mormon! He's not even a real Christian.

Beck: OK, fine. You can believe what you want. I am a man that needed atonement more than most people. But I know the game, so I called Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. I wanted to make sure that mainline Christianity has the same definition of individual salvation that I have. He agreed that salvation is an individual relationship between a person and God through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth and the light." I can't be saved for someone else and they can't be saved by me. When Jesus died on the cross he died for everyone that ever lived, but individually. It was one act for the entire collection — it was for each person individually."

Ed:  My Response...

You are so right.. I have been getting emails of Beck being a real Christian all morning… His use of the word, “Atonement” is a small clue that Beck is a real Mormon, albeit, not a theological giant. Salvation in Mormonism is totally different than that of biblical Christianity.

Problem here is this: to take Beck at his word here,

Beck = Christian,

Beck = Mormon,

Mormon = Christian

Romney - Christian

The non-aware Christian, those who love Beck’s strong conservative viewpoints, will make that connection and the Mormons win a victory

Beck also said that “Another perversion is the concept of collective salvation”

Yet, Core LDS doctrine of salvation teaches that there are two salvations, the first is the result of Christ’s death on the cross, one that provides the “general Salvation.” This is resurrection from the dead for all mankind.

Their “personal salvation” comes from their works that will be judged at the judgment table where their works and their ‘transgressions’ are weighed and the result is the determination of to which of the three kingdoms they go.

I pray that his statements will cause enough conflict with his Mormon leaders that he will be ‘corrected’ enough that his brain will get in low gear and he will leave the church for the real Jesus. The real salvation.

Ed Decker


“The Mormon Plan for America

and the Rise of Mitt Romney”

The entire Chapter

from my book, “My Kingdom Come”

Vampires and Mormons ..Part of the Family?.. One Might Think so.

Check out this excellent article on the Twilight Movies sweeping the nation.

From The e-mail bag

I have read your comments about Mormon baptisms for the dead. It seems as though you are suggesting that certain people should be deemed unworthy of any future salvation. Is this the case? And if so, who are you to judge?

Ed: I base my comments on what the bible says are the conditions of salvation.. and I see no scripture that implies there is some second chance salvation after death.. nor are my comments on this strange subject some form of ‘judging’ anyone..

Okay, I understand. It just seemed like you were taking issue with certain people more than the practice itself. For all we know, those people repented before they died, and accepted the Lord. We just do not know.

Ed: You are correct in that

If there is no second chance for salvation after death, what happens to those "heathens" that were born never having heard of Jesus? You know, like the Chinese?

Ed: A bit beyond my pay scale.. I figure that a God who created the worlds can figure that out himself. His son told us to go to the ends of the earth to proclaim His salvation.. I am still working on that one. I’ll wait til I am done there before I get too concerned about the ones I missed..

I understand.


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things In The Mirror

I was reminded this morning of the little notice etched into the side view mirror of my car. It states “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.”

I was standing in front of the mirror in my bathroom after I had showered. Try not to dwell on the imagery. It will hurt you. I thought, “Objects in the mirror are much larger than they appear.” …This object appeared quite large to begin with, even before the shower. …I stared down at the floor and my eyes settled on the scale thereon.

Did I want this object to step on that scale and find out just how much larger it was this morning, or did I want to go on with life as usual, with a kind of ignorance may not be bliss, but it does work kind of a day.

I looked back in the mirror. I sucked in my gut, flexed my remaining muscles, lifted my chin high to remove the three that had grown under the original chin and held my breath. Still much larger and now in pain. I exhaled, threw my towel over the scale and began my day.

One needs to understand that this body has been fighting gravity and the effects of an obsession with comfort foods for over 27,000 whole days… Not an easy task for anyone… and lately I don’t need anyone to tell me that I have been losing the fight for some time. There are some things you just have to live with when you get to be over 27,000 days old.

That’ why I love living in a seniors-only development. I am around guys just like me. We don’t compare abs anymore. If we compare anything, its who has more hair growing out of his ears.

Most of the fellows my size who have been working out at the fitness center for the past 5 years still look the same. I just walk through the area rapidly and save a whole lot of energy that I can put to use elsewhere, like in the hot-tub, pool or the chaise lounge chairs.

I feel good by comparison in many ways. My walker has bigger wheels than a lot of guys’. I have yet to fall out of my golf cart. I am still quite young by some standards.. My neighbor John fell asleep on his way to the mailbox a few days ago. That hasn’t happened to me yet.

My other neighbor, Len, came over the other day and told me he was so thrilled with his new hearing aid. I asked him what kind was it. He said, “It’s a quarter to three. I’d better get going or I’ll miss the early bird special at Mario’s.”

I’m not quite that bad yet, but I did run in and tell my wife that there was an early bird special at Mario’s and we’d better get moving.”

Friday, July 9, 2010

Violation 21230****

I had a bit of a driving problem on a recent trip to Laguna Beach, California,  that resulted in a $100 traffic ticket. This is the letter I wrote to them explaining the situation. I thought you might enjoy it.

Dear Sirs:

I am an elderly, disabled visitor to your area. I was on your toll road, my first toll road experience in many years.

I had just paid the full toll a few miles before this and I and was driving to Laguna Beach. The GPS my kids gave me for the trip told me to exit and even though the map said I should stay on the toll road, I did exit, for fear that I was wrong. As soon as I left the Toll road, the GPS told me to go back on the toll road in the opposite direction and I knew that was wrong

I entered the ramp to get back on the toll road going south to Laguna and when I got to the booth, no one was there and it asked for a Dollar in coins. I was digging all over trying to find some and a car pulled right up against my bumper and began laying on the horn, constantly beeping it and yelling at me.

I became scared and threw a dollar bill in the hopper and drove through. The other car came through and sat along side me and waved his arms and cursed at me and I hit the brake so he would get ahead of me. We were very frightened. My wife was crying and we made it finally to Laguna where our children were waiting for us.

My wife doesn’t allow me to drive on the freeway any more for fear that we may get shot.

Please don’t fine me.. I did put a dollar bill in the thing and would have found the coins if the car behind us wasn’t scaring us so bad.

Thank you. I promise never to drive on a toll road again.. Well, my wife won’t let me anyway.

By the way, they forgave the fine..