Friday, July 9, 2010

Violation 21230****

I had a bit of a driving problem on a recent trip to Laguna Beach, California,  that resulted in a $100 traffic ticket. This is the letter I wrote to them explaining the situation. I thought you might enjoy it.

Dear Sirs:

I am an elderly, disabled visitor to your area. I was on your toll road, my first toll road experience in many years.

I had just paid the full toll a few miles before this and I and was driving to Laguna Beach. The GPS my kids gave me for the trip told me to exit and even though the map said I should stay on the toll road, I did exit, for fear that I was wrong. As soon as I left the Toll road, the GPS told me to go back on the toll road in the opposite direction and I knew that was wrong

I entered the ramp to get back on the toll road going south to Laguna and when I got to the booth, no one was there and it asked for a Dollar in coins. I was digging all over trying to find some and a car pulled right up against my bumper and began laying on the horn, constantly beeping it and yelling at me.

I became scared and threw a dollar bill in the hopper and drove through. The other car came through and sat along side me and waved his arms and cursed at me and I hit the brake so he would get ahead of me. We were very frightened. My wife was crying and we made it finally to Laguna where our children were waiting for us.

My wife doesn’t allow me to drive on the freeway any more for fear that we may get shot.

Please don’t fine me.. I did put a dollar bill in the thing and would have found the coins if the car behind us wasn’t scaring us so bad.

Thank you. I promise never to drive on a toll road again.. Well, my wife won’t let me anyway.

By the way, they forgave the fine..

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