Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm a Pro-Choice Kind of Guy

I am a Pro Choice kind of guy!

You have to wonder why organizations such as Planned Parenthood the National Organization for Women (NOW), the Feminist Majority Foundation, the Women’s Media Center, and the many other “pro-choice” outfits are all going crazy mad over a 30 second Super Bowl commercial sponsored by Focus on the Family?

If they had just been quiet, nobody would have even noticed the ad. Now a hundred million people will be watching for it. It is almost like they are doing Focus on The Family a favor by snapping up the gauntlet.

Florida All-American and Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mom, Pam, share a quick insight to Pam’s medical and spiritual dilemma when she was pregnant with Tim. Her doctors told her it would be much better for her health if she aborted.

She had a choice to make and she chose not to abort.. She obviously made it through the pregnancy and The Story ends with her son earning some of the highest accolades in the college level sporting world. Looks like she made a good choice.

I don’t see what all the pro-choice people are screaming about. Seems his mom was pro-choice, too. Except that she chose not to abort the baby.

Seems there really are only two choices. One is to abort and kill the unborn baby, or fetus, if that term is less offensive and makes the unborn child less alive. The other one is to not abort, but to give birth to the fetus, now a baby human being. One choice is a living baby and one is a dead fetus[unborn baby].

Simple, isn't it.

I think that pro-choice people really are not pro-choice at all. Obviously by their own negative remarks against anyone who espouses a pro-life position, there is only one choice and it isn’t ‘life,’ I guess in a mathematical sense if you are not pro-life, you are pro not-life.

I am a pro-choice kind of guy and I choose life, even for those pesky sea lions and spotted owls… and even all the wild dogs in Duroville that can be captured, tamed and adopted..

Ted’s mom is the living example of pro-choice, except with her choice, her baby lived. Good for her. Bad for these people making fools of themselves and their claim of being pro-choice.


  1. will to But if that choice is the decision to kill the unborn baby, why don't they just get real and call a spade a space -- "PRO-abortion"...better yet PRO-murder?

  2. I am pro-choice, in the more traditional sense (I'm for legalized abortion) but I thought it was utterly ridiculous for pro-choicers to freak out over that ad.

    Not only was it an utterly tame, respectful and postive message that was shared, it's also a free market. So long as the network would air a similar ad of the opposing viewpoint, which i'm sure they would, then I have absolutely no problem with it.

    I may be for abortions being legal, but I'm all for spreading the word that tere are often better options than aborting. Sometimes activistis get so wrapped up in their causes, they see red too quickly. That goes for both sides by the way.

    Anyway, thought you'd appreciate THE OTHER Ed Decker perspective.

    Edwin Decker
    (the agnostic blasphemer)