Friday, October 29, 2010

Has Ed Decker gotten soft in his old age?

I gave a very rare hour and a half interview last week to the folks at and was hosted by John Larsen. It was all about my life and Ministry.

There were lot's of “Mormon” questions/ rumors asked/answered. Especially rare since it was with the group, Mormon Expressions. They are a group of dedicated Mormons, liberal Mormons and former Mormons. Actually a pretty good group of people and a healthy mix, as far as I can see. John Larsen was most gracious.

You can listen to it or download it at:

I sent word out to some of my ministry friends about the interview and this was the response from Dr. Ron Carlson.


I spoke on Mormonism tonight in Oklahoma City and came back to the Hampton Inn and found your email. It's after midnight here and I just finished listening to all 1 hour and 27 minutes of your interview. It was not only spellbinding but GREAT!!!!!! You were so loving and gracious. And wow, what a powerful Gospel message you shared throughout as well as dispelling all the false rumors about you. It was Powerful. God really spoke through you. I pray that it will have a wide hearing because it is going to have a profound effect on people who listen. Praise God for you years of faithfulness. I'm for you! Warmly, Ron

This is an interview that every Mormon and every Christian dealing with Mormonism needs to hear.

Ed answers questions such as:

• His History in the LDS Church

• What Really caused him to leave the church

• How is his faith now different from his Mormon faith

• What is the Goal and mission of Saints Alive

• The God Makers. A success? Why such a bad rap from Mormons

• Looking back, would Ed do anything different

• Do you think Mormons are Christians

• Those many Mormon rumors about Ed Decker

On the Question: Are Mormons Christian

Rather, Don’t you think Mormons are Muslims? They both say that Jesus was not the end of the law, but pointed the way.. That there would be a ‘final’ prophet who would rise up and complete God’s work here on earth, each with new scripture and revelations..

Both are clearly non-Trinitarian. While Mormonism does teach three gods, they are non-biblical creatures, separate beings, twice born through acts of sex…except the Holy Ghost.. he was only born as a spirit being..

They both have to earn their ‘salvation.’ And both teach that when the leader has spoken, the think has been done. Just obey. Yes, they are certainly more Muslim than Christian.


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