Saturday, November 13, 2010

Liars, Liars, Pants on Fire

Yes, I have to admit that those ads for Chicken fingers at Carl’s Jr had my mouth watering and after a few weeks of looking at those succulent, huge chunks of Chicken fingers I gave in and hurried down to Carl’s Jr. and ordered up a batch of them for myself. Actually, my wife was with me and as ready as I was for this fantastic treat.

We eagerly sat down to feast on the golden delight and when we opened the containers, our eyes beheld the truth behind the advertising, The largest of all the strips was about the size of my thumb.

The Advertising folks at Carl’s Jr. should be locked away for a month and forced to eat nothing but the same chicken fingers they so cleverly lied about in their ads…

My advice.. Stay away from Carl’s Jr. Chicken strips.. They sure ain’t what the ad claims they are.. I doubt that the strips in the ads were even made by Carl’s Jr. Probably bought them at Popeye’s.

Some of the TV ads today are downright insults to our intelligence and yet companies pay big money for those deceitful claims, because they work. And we. Like fools, believe what isn’t so and hurry down and buy their chicken strips.

Oh, and if I see one more HP ad with the little baby in the walker speeding in and out of dangerous traffic I am going to end running in and out of traffic, screaming. That is, if I could actually run without tripping over my cane. Then, too, I don’t get much traffic on my street. Someone would have to drive me down to the freeway.

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  1. I get frustrated by the volume of advertising lies that come out of my TV screen..20 minutes of every hour we get blasted with misrepresentions of every sort.

    They think we are fools!

    Now using the DVR and recording..then playing and zipping on past the ads..