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Newsletter July 2012

Dear Friends, I want to thank those of you who have been sending in gifts of support to the work of Saints this summer.  We have been blessed by your gifts, notes and your prayers.

Some years, summers can be pretty dry in every category. The last few years have been particularly rough for everyone. The economic situation has affected all of us.    Yet, many of you continue to come through, month after month. You are truly partners with us in the fullest sense.

What your support  means is that we also have had the income to continue the expansion of our weekly radio program and it is reaching thousands of new people every week.
When I say that the response has been enormous, I mean that I spend most of my days answering emails from people seeking truth and looking for real answers.  More and more people lost in unbiblical, heretical churches Mormonism and organizations like the Freemasons are responding. They are seeking life changing help and because of your standing with us, we have been able to meet these sometimes crushing needs.

Within the next week or two, we will be expanding The Decker Report to Android type cell phones. Look for us in the app store on your Android phone. It is already going world-wide on iTunes and many RSS networks.

There are so many things I want to share, but time and space prevent it. I try not to bury you with an over-abundance of either newsletters or articles.  I suggest that you visit our interactive Saints Alive and/ Decker Report Facebook Pages and please click the “LIKE” button. We really need your help in getting these Pages higher up in the listings. I keep both Pages up to date with news and information.

 Stop by  for the latest radio programs and support documents, as well as get involved with my on-line, interactive Blog.  All past programs can also be found in the archives, documents.

Your brother in Christ,
Ed Decker
The Decker Report Schedule for July and August

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Catholicism; Part One of Two                   
July 16th   [in archives]

Catholicism: Part Two of Two                   
July 23rd 

The Character of God                                          
July 30th 

The Challenge of the Cults                         
August 6th 

Freemasonry: Part One of Two                
August 13th

Freemasonry:  Part Two of Two               
August 20th 


Thousands accepted the Book of Mormon as real because three men
stood up and claimed they saw the actual ‘gold plates.
 It turned out, like most of Mormonism, to fail the test of time.
It was a case of ‘smoke and mirrors.’ 

Just look at “These Three “Witnesses” to the Book of Mormon/ Gold Plates.

 In 1838 in Kirtland, Oliver confronted Joseph Smith with the charge of adultery with Fanny Alger, and with lying and teaching false doctrines. Oliver Cowdery was publicly charged by Joseph Smith and leading Mormons with stealing, lying, perjury, counterfeiting, adultery, and being the leader of a gang of "scoundrels of the deepest degree!"

David Whitmer claimed he saw the plates “by the eye of faith.”  Cursed by leaders such as Sidney Rigdon, Whitmer was denounced by the Prophet Joseph Smith as a "dumb beast to ride" and "an ass to bray out cursings instead of blessings."

Martin Harris was first a Quaker, then a Universalist, next a Restorationist, then a Baptist, next a Presbyterian, and then a Mormon.(1) After his excommunication in 1837, he changed his religion eight more times, going from the Shakers to one Mormon splinter group to the next, and back to the main group in 1842,  In  1838, Joseph Smith denounced him as "so far beneath contempt that to notice him would be too great a sacrifice for a gentleman to make.

For the Rest of the Story, go to:

Videos of the Actual Mormon Temple Rituals

Some years, while fellow ex-Mormon and friend,  Jim Spencer [ ] and  travelled through Idaho and Utah, speaking each night in different towns and cities, we ran into one Mormon zealot in a Logan, Utah church. His main purpose in attending the meeting was to yell out terrible lies, to curse me and shout me down. His behavior escalated the next night in front of a small church in Brigham City, where he accosted me and spit in my face. The police were called and we moved on to Ogden, Utah. He did not appear at our meetings again.

As often happens to folks like this, the young man found out the truth and was saved. He contacted me, apologized and shared his ‘good news’ with me. I was so blessed by this new Christian who had once cursed me.

In early July, he contacted me again to share that, on his way out of the cult, he went to the temple for the last time. This time, he brought a tiny, concealed camera that videotaped [in a somewhat rough format] the entire ceremony.   Now, I would never recommend anyone try this ‘at home’, but there are now 4 of the videos posted on YouTube. Noah [his YouTube name is newnamenoah after the secret new name he received in the temple.  I strongly recommend that you download them before they disappear.

Take a look at these videos of an actual LDS Secret temple ceremony at

A  Mormon Missionary sent me this quote

“The Standard of Truth has been erected; no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done.” [ed: Joseph Smith, History of the Church, 4:540.}
He added a little note I would guess he keeps in his wallet: in part,

My authority is above that of the kings of the earth….I am a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ… to do what he himself would do….he has chosen me .. My voice is his voice, my acts are his acts, my words are his words and my doctrine is his doctrine…..

Wow.. I sure didn’t know that! A Real humble kind of guy.

A Worshipful Master breaks out from The Lodge!

Brothers in Christ, I am the current "worshipful" master of a masonic lodge. Due to some new information which God has brought to me I have decided to renounce masonry altogether. Please pray for the people whom I have inducted into freemasonry with good intentions and those masons both in  mine and other lodges who wish to be good Christians but have been poisoned with wrong information.

Please also pray for me in this time of transition that no harm or evil will befall me due to my separation from the lodge and the subsequent testimony against freemasonry that I  plan to give. Guide my family and those of all misguided masons to seek the one true light which is our savior Jesus Christ.
  Signed,  Joe

Dear Joe,    I am so blessed by your email.  It takes strength to take a stand like yours. I will be praying for your protection, from the powers and principalities of darkness that encompass Masonry and from the vengeful actions of your former brethren in the lodge. 

Just remember that in Christ you have more power, authority and strength than all they can conjure up.

My own dad  was a Mason for over 60 years yet 2 years before his home going to heaven, he renounced it and spent those blessed two years  joyously  set free .
Be blessed and be free.   Ed Decker

Though We’ve Never Met, Though You Never Knew..
Dear Ed,

A friend of mine sent your recent update to me and I was quickly reminded of how much I was blessed back in 1983 by the ministry God had called you to.

Forgive me for not thanking you until now.  Tears form as I rejoice in my salvation through Jesus Christ and how you and your ministry was such a huge support to me, though you never knew.  Though we've never met, I would be honored to take the handkerchief from my pocket and gently wipe the spit of hatred from you and your wife. 

I apologize for the ignorance of those that have foolishly hated you, not realizing your words held the Word of Life for them, eternal life.  "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.," love being spoken from a dying, rejected, jeered, spit upon Savior.  How precious it is to have a small taste of what Christ went through on our behalf.  I trust that those types of experiences are intended to increase our appreciation for our God and Savior.

Thank you for trusting that God is able to do exceedingly, beyond ALL that we can think or imagine.

The Mormon Manuscript Series

Some many years ago, I did a small booklet set called The Mormon Manuscript Series. The Purpose was to create some fairly succinct, simple looks at the key heretical issues of Mormonism and make them easy reads.

I had been encouraged to do this by the late Keith Green, of Last Days’ Ministries, who had recently published his “Catholic Chronicles” and felt that I needed to do a similar set on the subject of Mormonism. His tragic death in 1982 brought an end to our contact, but I had been highly motived by him to complete the set. I now present them to you again, at no cost, still accurate and life changing… 30 years later.

#1: Birth of Heresy:

#2: The Law of Eternal Progression

#3: The Temple of the God Makers

#4: The Massive Mormon Scripture Mess

See the Catholic Chronicles  at:

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  1. Great material as we "earnestly content for the faith". Teaching on False Cults now using Wayne Martin's Kingdom of Cults and Fast Fact on False Teaching which you co-authored. Thanks and God bless!