Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just Dancing In The Rain

Just Dancing In The Rain

Wow.. My wife yelled into the bedroom, "Ned, Ned, hurry out of bed, Ned."
"Is my latte ready?'

"No, just get out of bed and open the door to the back patio. It's raining, really raining!"

I stumbled out of bed and raced [well, hobbled] to the door aand stepped out. What a sweet smell it was.. Joy to my Seattle grown nostrils. I lifted my hands to catch the drops.

3 or 4 drops..per hand; the ground was dry..but it was was just not making to the ground.

My wife came out with my latte. We sat down and smiled. Then the rain was gone.. Heading away toward those people who prefer Arizona.

"Ned, do you miss Seattle?"

"No way, my sweetie. Remember, we are down here as Rainbirds. This is my kind of rain!"

"Don't you mean, Snowbirds, Ned?"

"Nope. Rainbirds. Remember the three weeks of rain just before came down?

"Ned, did you turn the sprinkler system off before we left?"

"Great Latte, my beloved, great latte."

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  1. Was this the same rain that gave me the free car wash? i heard a strange thing as i was doing my usual morning readings (Bible, Oswald Chambers, Charles Stanley...) -- rain, really audible on the rooftop...then i got homesick for Taveuni, where rain on tin roofing is really loud...but a nice sound. This San Diego rain was a blessing!