Thursday, December 3, 2009

Are the Folks at AARP Really that stupid?

I know I shouldn’t write a blog before I finish my morning latte, but I am in a boil this morning. Are the People at AARP really that stupid or are they just trying to get more people to sign up for their ineffective insurance programs? Or can’t anyone there do basic math? I guess they must think WE are that stupid.

Today’s  Page One Headline, “AARP chief backs Medicare cut” was the frosting on a sludge cake.

Let’s see. AARP proudly stands behind a minimum cut of $460 Billion dollars from a program that is the main medical support for the majority of its members and a program that will also add another 20 or 30 million more enrollees. Somehow, that math does not work.

The new Bill in the Senate portends to also reduce payments to Doctors and Hospitals for visits and procedures, so that means our doctors will have to add another 6 to 10 patients a day to their already overbooked days. Expect the 4 to 6 hour waits in ERs to extend even longer. It will easier to just die at home than in the ER waiting room like one man recently did while waiting for hours to tells someone he was having chest pains.

I would resign my membership at AARP if I hadn’t already done it a while back after they first announced that this Bill was a Good Thing for its elderly members.

I recommend that you send back your AARP card today with a letter asking them why they have deserted the very people they claim to represent.

We need a dumpaarp movement...

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