Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Mormon Art of Child Stealing

The Mormon Art of Child Stealing

Ed Decker

April 13, 2010

A number of years ago. I was asked by a local pastor to met with him and a troubled family. The daughter was in high school and dating a good looking Mormon boy. Her baptism in the church was the following Saturday.

I met with him, the girl and her parents for over two hours. The girl was a bit over-weight and not very attractive. It was easy to see why she was drawn to both the boy and the Church he was bringing her into.

She had been raised in the family’s church and had been an active part of the youth program until the Mormon Conversion by dating plan had struck her down.

In the end, no matter her parents’ and pastor’s pleading and my logical reasons for why a young Christian girl should not become a Mormon, she said that she was going to be baptized no matter what any of us said.

Her next words have stayed with me for almost 25 years. She said, “Look at me. No one has ever paid me attention in school. No one else has ever dated me, shown me love and caring like he has. He is beautiful in every way. I don’t care if I follow him to hell when I die, I am going with him.”

I recently received an email from a family that brought this all back to mind. Attached was a series of emails dealing with the blatant theft of their daughter by a young man about to eave for his mission.

Not only did their daughter join the church and be baptized without their knowledge, she hid away the truth about his Mormonism and when he left for his mission, he and his parents convinced her to move out of her parents’ home and live with them, basically holding her spiritually hostage awaiting the son’s return and a supposed temple wedding.

I grieve over this. It’s a story I have heard a thousand times over. I told her dad this:

Regarding your note and the attachment, I have read through the many emails and the battle you have fought over Amanda and have to say, my heart is broken with yours. I have been dealing with this child stealing for over 30 years and the stories are almost the same in every case. Sometimes it is also a young man, infatuated with some LDS girl and the attention and love bombing..

The Mormons call it conversion by dating and actually encourage their young people to seek out non-members to date. Even young kids in Primary are used by eager parents to invite neighborhood and school friends to events and parties, to lure their families into a mood for missionary visits.

In many cases, within months of conversion, especially in high school, the Mormon moves on to the next ‘dating’ conversion and the new LDS teenager is on her own.

The vilest part of this child stealing is when they secretly baptize the child, and if the parents complain, offer their home as sanctuary away from such ‘unloving’ parents.

The arrogance of their position is the clearest evidence of their ungodliness. ….

Again, I grieve with you.

I have noted that in many cases like this, the stolen child usually leaves the LDS church within a year’s time and the parents need to be alert to that possibility. The odds are much less if she is tied to “missionary’ love and lives with his family..

The average Mormon kid, trained up to be confident and outgoing is usually any parent’s dream. Those who have followed the church teachings and are true believers are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are usually well-mannered, clean cut, charming and very respectful to the date’s family.

The canine teeth are tucked way back and before you can shout, “Wait!” Your kid is stolen right out from under your watchful eyes.

Christian parents and youth pastors need to build a wall of protection from these ravening wolves that prey upon your children. Most good Christian kids are not street smart and easy prey. They have to be immunized against attack. To fail to do so is asking for trouble, especially in high school.

Communicate and prepare them for these kinds of dangers. We do it regarding pedophiles who lurk around the vulnerable. Your children are equally vulnerable when it comes to the cults who prey on them with as much aggression as the pedophiles in the bushes.

Blog Responses

Ed, I was in one of those "Missionary Relationships" for 18 years. I was raised in the Christian faith and had a close relationship with the lord. But, my parents never warned me about Mormons. And I didn't find out that he was mormon until after the honeymoon. He took out his 'Book of Mormon,' 'Doc and Covenants,' and his version of the 'King James Version' of the bible. He tried to convince me that his church was the only church and that my church was apostate. But, my gut instinct helped me argue the points he wanted to make. First, I took him to the end of the Bible where it says not to add or take away parts from the bible. Then, I told him, he couldn't take verses out of context and make the mean what he said they meant. I stuck to my faith the whole time I was in the relationship. And on Mother's Day in 1992, the lord blessed me with the 'Holy Spirit.' I have been able to stay strong ever since. I was able to argue that my sons had the right to choose since he lied to me. And both of them are Christians and attend my church. God is good when you have faith in him, no matter what happens!" Becky

Ed,I have seen it with my own eyes, witnessed the heartache, seen the confusion. Families are forever? Families are for pillaging and wrecking more like it. Mike

Ed, I was one of those, "stolen" from my family. I was converted to mormonism via a young man I was dating. I wish, oh I wish my parents would have done to warn me... but 19 yrs later I did come out, but without a few battle scars. This is very well written, and very true. Gloria


  1. Don't know what to do about my son who converted while dating a Mormon girl. He now wants to leave college, go on his Mission. Should we financially support him, now and/or after the Mission? Or allow him to stop college, go on a Mission, and then become overwhelmed with school loans because the scholarships were voided? What type of support should we give this son whom we love so much, but who insists he has now found "his calling" (and will probably marry the Mormon girl when the Mission is over)? Don't know how to treat him...we don't want our objections to become a part of his "dramatic conversion story", which would only add fuel to the fire.

  2. Dear Gail... Tough spot was in same position many years ago. Told my two sons [still LDS]

    1. We loved them

    2. I was a Christian and did not believe Msm was Christian and could not support them leading people into spiritual darkness

    3. Our college support was for now, not after an LDS mission.

    4. We would pray for them and our door would always be open for them.

    5. We would pray for them/their safety every day.

    One son left his mission/church within 6 months and came home second son finished mission, left church within year.

    By the way, 25% of Mormon Missionaries leave church while on mission, 50% of those who do finish leave church within year.

  3. Sorry, I know this is an old post but I had to say that child stealing is untrue and this is the first time I have ever heard of this accusation in my 46 years of life in the LDS church. I grew up in the church and was encouraged to date boys who belonged to my own church. It does happen that young members of other faiths find attractions to young LDS. They are unlike those in the world (don't swear, smoke, drink etc.)and generally have a wholesome Christ like character. The story goes both ways when an LDS youth finds love outside of their own faith. It is heart breaking when the one they love draws them away from the original religion they grew up in. I can count a number of couples who are separated by religion. It is not a practice that is encouraged as a ploy to steal children away from their parents religion. As it happens now, we live in an area where LDS is a minority. We teach our children to be kind to others and to be good people who have good characters. This has drawn the attention of young women who lack that love and kindness in their own families. And as much as I would like to mother them and teach them even the teachings of the bible which had not been taught as children I know that it is much easier to marry within the same faith. My heart breaks for those who have chosen to accept baptism in the church and have had to deal with hardship with dis-ownment from their family. I have LDS friends who have married spouses of different faiths and have joined those faiths, they don't see it as child stealing and their hearts break but God gave us agency to choose for ourselves and we must accept the consequences of those actions. I have not heard of any LDS members who have been in that situation who have disowned their children either. Now, I will ask what qualities of the average member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint you find that are not in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Bible?
    You may find that in addition to following the teachings of the Holy Bible that we go the extra mile and follow other practices. We call those practices that pertain to the health of our bodies which is a gift from God, the 'Word of Wisdom' and living those words of wisdom teach us that putting anything into our bodies that may be harmful should be withheld. Substances that reduce our ability to feel the holy spirit and numb/dull our senses and ability to think and make good choices. Even things that are of an addictive nature even seemingly harmless substances such as caffeinated beverages can by degrees reduce our freedom when we find we can't seem to live without it and suffer withdrawals when it is not available. See how really terrible members of the LDS church are? If members are truly living the teachings of Jesus Christ then you should only feel their goodness, and I might add none of us are perfect. We all have our weaknesses/imperfections and we are grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ who was the one and only perfect person on this earth who took upon himself the sins of the world. We can repent for our sins and change or try to change over and over again. Because we are God's children and he loves us and wants us to succeed in this trial on Earth. He will accept our efforts and in return we have peace that we are living a good life. Serving others, sharing the word of God as you do have done as a pastor. I know that Jesus Christ is the savior and if you want to know the truth about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints(aka Mormon) you can go to www.mormon.org and ask any questions you like.